XCELerated Favor - "Think, Be, Do" Vol. 2 CD Series

This life-changing series of 4 CD's by Pastor Keith Craft promises how you can to accelerate into thinking great, being greatly, and doing greatness. You will immediately be able to apply God's Wisdom Pattern for powerful breakthroughs in your life. Results are always guaranteed when you learn how to strategize your life within God's wisdom.

In this series you will learn:

How to Apply the 4 Ways of Accelerating into Greatness!

How to Radically Discern what is Good from what is Better.

Why Repentance Elevates the Way You Think.

How to Achieve Your Wisdom Breakthrough.

How to Apply God's Process toward Greatness.

The 3 Ways to By Mysterious.

How to Apply the Kingdom Benefits of Being Merciful.

The 5 Kingdom Ways to Do Glory.

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