What Christmas Means To Me CD Series

What Christmas Means to Me

When I think of Christmas, it means so many things,

It's a sound of songs, that the whole world sings.

Silent Night, Holy Night,

All is calm, All is bright.

It's those special songs, we all remember,

But Christmas is more than songs, we sing in December.

It's snow, it's lights, it's about trees we adorn,

But what Christmas means to me, is about our Savior being born.

Around the world, Christmas celebrations happen.

Gifts are wrapped and opened, and we hear the sound of children laughing.

Stockings are hung, by the chimney with care,

Many hope that St. Nicholas will be there.

For many, Christmas is about Santa, reindeer and elves,

Many call it a holiday, and make it about themselves.

They spend money they don't have, on gifts that pass away,

It's a time to have a Christmas vacation, to have fun and play.

What Christmas means to me, is that heaven came to earth.

"Peace on earth, good will to men," Angels announced His birth!

Christmas means our darkness was pierced by His glorious light,

That we became empowered, to walk by faith and not live by sight!

Christmas means, that Jesus came.

God's only Son, to rid all our sin and shame.

He lived a life, that showed us the way.

He performed miracles of love, each and every day!

He healed the sick, He raised the dead, He caused the blind to see.

His life He lived, demonstrated how much God loves you and me.

For 33 years, He lived a sinless life,

He was the Prince of Peace, in a world filled with strife!

Christmas is about this indescribable Gift.

Immanuel, God is with us,

Jesus came to bring a divine shift.

From sin to salvation, from weak to strong,

God gave His son Jesus, so we could belong.

Belong to His royal family, to be loved and adored,

To receive His blessings beyond anything we could afford.

Christmas means, that God had you in mind,

When He sent His Son into the world, for your heart to find.

Jesus was born in a manger, there was no room in the INN.

But if you make room in your heart, Christmas means YOU WIN!

Christmas means, there's an assurance from God above,

That Jesus came from heaven to earth, to show us God's love!

Christmas means, we can have the gift of grace.

No matter what we've done, Jesus took our place.

He lived and died so we could be saved.

So we could have freedom and never be enslaved.

When I think of Christmas, it means so many things,

But most importantly, it's about ONE thing.

The love of God, it's really true,

God gave His ONLY Son Jesus, just for YOU!

Keith A. Craft

December 10, 2016

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