Weather Alert CD Series

When life does not work out the way you planned. When you lose hope in what you thought your life would be. Choose HOPE. Our
relationships are very important. We must realize that there are climates that are in all of our relationships from Sunny, to overcast
to Stormy. The climate you have in each of these relationships will predict the forecast or the future of your relationships. If you have
a stormy climate of fighting, frustration, yelling, and anger you can know the forecast doesn’t look good for that relationship.
STORM CLOUDS come into all of our lives. These STORM CLOUDS of negativity, discouragement, bitterness, disaIlusionment happens
to us all in different seasons of our lives. We lose HOPE when we carry these storm clouds, it creates an unhealthy heart and unhealthy
climate which affects your relationships. In Romans 5:2-4 , Jesus gives us the perfect hope building process.

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