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12.04.11 - Great Joy
1. It is strength that gives you Empowerment. Neh.8:10
2. It is courage that gives you Encouragement. Phil.4:12,13
3. It is His presence that gives you Elevation. Ps.16:8-11
4. It is your generosity that He is able to give you Enrichment. 2 Cor.9:5-12

12.11.11 - How to receive the Gift of “IF”
1. If you will elevate, then you can transformate. Mark 9:2-13
2. If you can believe, then all things are possible. Mark 9:14-29
3. If you lose for God, then He wins for you. Matt.16:24-27
4. If you come to Christ, then everything becomes new. 2 Cor.5:17

12.18.11 - How to Treasure…Treasure1. Realize what a “treasure” you are. Deut.7:6 (NLT); Deut. 28:12; Luke 1:26-38
2. Make what matters most to God, most matter to you. Luke 2:19; Prov. 8:17-21
3. Give your best (what you treasure most) to God and others. Luke 2:1-12

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