Real Life Zones CD Series

Real Life Zones...Beginning, Middle, and the End. Life is a process that we often think from Beginning to End. In this compelling series, Pastor Keith reveals that every new Beginning is precipitated by the End (Zone) of something else. Life's process is opposite of what we think. The End is actually the first thing, not the last thing. The better the Endings, the better the New Beginnings.

In Real Life Zones You Will Discover:

End Zones: You can find good in every Ending. You can End things with change for the better. You will learn the power of the End Zones of life.

3 Ways to Have Happy Endings: The reason we have unresolved issues from the past in our present and future is because we haven't learned the Art of the END ZONE (Ending things well)

Danger Zones: These are the "Middles" of old Endings and New Beginnings. The "deserts" between our Egypt and our Promise Land.

Altar Zones: The children of Israel took 40+ years of living in the desert to learn what should have taken 11 days. The Altar promotes you to your next level.

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