Nines CD Series

The Nines“   For everything in the natural, there is a Super-natural correlation.” -
In this intriguing 3-part series, Pastor Keith reveals the prophetic significance of the number 9.
Finality - recounts the events surrounding Jesus' crucifixion and reveals how "...the worst moment in Jesus' life, became our BEST moment!"
Fullness -  in this expository teaching on the life of Abraham, Pastor Keith brings a renewed awareness of God's Sufficiency and Faithfulness to His people and His promise.
Fruitfulness - in the final message of the series, Pastor Keith begins the 100 day countdown to 2010 and introduces the Triad of Fruitfulness i.e. Abide...Align...Assign. 

Apply these principles in this life-changing series and begin to experience Finality, Fullness and Fruitfulness in every area of your life.

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