Love CD Series

In this relevant series, come to understand God's love for you and hear why the greatest gift you can abide in is love.

Love Driven Life

Understand God's form of governing called Loveocracy. An unconditional, sacrificial, and never ending love.

Where is the Love?

In the midst of life's needs, sins, and seeds; knowing where the love will lead you to His supply, His mercy, and His increase. \

Love First

For love to come first we must focus on the most important thing. Be intentionally humble, resisting wrath, strategically moving forward, and taking care of unity."

Move with Compassion

Learn how to move with compassion through the thinking to aim, not thinking the same. Being a lover, not a hater. Speaking blessing, not cursing.

Develop Your Love Power

Discover how to develop your love power by pursuing, planting seeds, and producing the fruit of love.

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