Life Sentences CD Series

"Your life sentences will sentence your life." Keith A. Craft on

From where we are in all of life's scenarios to where we want to be, is a matter of our own self-pronouncements.

Life comes in Words...Words become Sentences...Sentences become Experiences...Experiences become Life Lessons...

Within the life-altering revelation of this 9 week series from Pastor Keith Craft lies the profound truth that Life and Death truly are in the power of the tongue. This series is the embodiment of the Life Story God has built in Keith Craft. Through these messages, God reveals the influence of our confessions and the power of our beliefs. We are imprisoned or released by what we think to be true about God, ourselves, and others; how that supposition reflects in our be-ing; and what is played our in all of our do-ing. Find out for yourself the impact of Saying and Seeing, Speaking and Having.

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