The Master Keys of Breakthrough #4 - Inherit the Glory CD Series

Key #4 - ISRAEL: “Inherit the Glory”

“When you summon the courage to do what others won’t, you will have in life, what others don’t.” - Keith Craft -

What is the Glory of God and how do I inherit Glory? Is the Glory of God a present day reality available to every believer or is it a thing of the past? Pastor Keith answers these and many other thought provoking questions with relevant insights and fresh revelation from the Word of God in this 3 part series.

In this volume, Pastor Keith uncovers the triad of Glory.
• Excellence of God – A Passion for the Kingdom…A Plan for the Kingdom…A Pattern for the Kingdom…The Promise of the Kingdom
• Honor of God – Follow the Path of Honor…Live with a Personal Code of Honor
• Authority of God - Answer the Call…Receive the Crown…Take Control

Prepare to Inherit the Glory as you Understand the Plan, Follow the Pattern and Receive the Promise.

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