The Master Keys of Breakthrough #3 vol 2 - Door of Gratitude CD Series

Key #3 - HEBRON: “Door of Gratitude”
Pastor Keith continues the Master Keys of Breakthrough series with 3 compelling messages on “Open Doors of Elevation: Door of Gratitude”.

Key/Principle # 1: Agreement with God – in this teaching you will learn how to strategically align your core beliefs with God’s Pre-eminence, Plan, Providence and Promises as Pastor Keith reveals the 4 Agreements of Gratitude.

Key/Principle # 2: in this message you will discover how an Attitude of Excellence generates gratitude in your life. You will also learn how to be a difference maker by developing the 6th sense of Love…for God, yourself, God’s House, other people, the Word and your life.

“Initiate love, it is the key to being loved. Initiate giving it is the key to living. Initiate gratitude it is the key to a great attitude”.
Keith Craft -

Key/Principle # 3: Pastor Keith delivers a life changing message based on the lives of David’s Mighty Men that will empower you to inspire and attract the greatness in others by intentionally releasing your E.P.A. (Energy Producing Action). Listen and learn the 3 transformational principles that “…Make the Great GREAT.”

“Only those who seek to develop their own personal greatness can identify and attract the greatness in others.”
Keith Craft -

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