The Master Keys of Breakthrough #2 vol 2 - Measure of Rule CD Series

Key #2 - JERUSALEM: “Measure of Rule”

In this groundbreaking series Pastor Keith presents an in-depth Bible based exposé of what it means to exercise and increase your Measure of Rule. In this 3 part series you will learn that your Measure of Rule consists of: Grace (power to do things God’s way), Government (direction; regulation based on precepts; the exercise of authority based on standards) and Goodness (the ability to recognize WHAT IS BEST based on what is most beneficial) of God.

The principles in this series will enable you to live a more “principle directed, precept regulated and authority exercising” life.

“Whatever has restrained you has the power to train you.”
- Keith Craft

Discover how to increase the Government of God in your life – both personally and professionally and ultimately reposition yourself to recognize, receive and reproduce the goodness of God.

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