Increase CD Series

INCREASE is the Way of God, the Will of God, and the Want of God.

Learn though this inspiring prophetic series by Pastor Keith Craft how to INCREASE in these perilous times. In God, there is INCREASE.

"When you let go of what is yours for God,

God will let go of what is His for you."

Keith A. Craft,

INCREASE will train you to:

  • Get God-fidence (Assurance and belief in the reality of God...)
  • Develop your God-i-tude (A new way of thinking, being, and doing...)
  • God-in-cidence your life (A belief that nothing happens by chance...)
  • Spring Forward with Increase now!
  • SEED yourself

Learn today to THINK - BE - DO INCREASE God's way by ELEVATING your life with this amazing series.

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