Hero CD Series

Mom’s don’t see themselves as Hero’s. They don’t do what they do for
recognition and that is just what qualifies them for this title.
In Isaiah 3:1-2 God recognizes a “Hero” as a part of the structure of
a city, town or a nation. Some of the characteristics of a Mom are
identified in the spoons that are attached.
• A pinch of joy- “The joy of the Lord is my Strength”
• A dash of tenderness- expression of warm and affectionate feelings
• A spoonful of affection- the emotional realm of love
• A heap of love- giving and overflowing
In Genesis 29 we see the life of Leah. She never felt as though she
measured up. She wasn’t a beauty queen, she was rejected by her
husband and felt as though her life really didn’t matter. In spite of
all of that she never gave up, and she never sat down in self pity and
resignation. Find out why she was a true Hero to us all.

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