Eleven CD Series

11...in the Bible is a # that means incompleteness, disorder, disorganization and disintegration.

2011...a year marked in the natural by earthquakes, tsunami's, political upheaval around the world, tornados, record setting national and international debt, and... WHAT IS GOD SAYING? IS GOD SPEAKING?

"For everything in the natural there is a Super-natural correlation." Leadershipology.com

In this compelling, prophetic series, Pastor Keith Craft ties in natural evens, places and things to what God is saying Super-naturally through scripture. He reveals that 11 also has a little know biblical meaning of "becoming."

  • You will learn about natural and Super-natural correlations in scripture.
  • You will find through the life of Jacob how only you can become the YOU that God created you to Become.
  • You will discover the favor of the 11th son of Jacob...Joseph and that through his life God gives us a prophetic picture of Who we are called by God to Become.

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