Christmas Stories CD Series

Every story worth telling begins with an interruption… an interruption to the way we are… an interruption to the way we see… an interruption to the way we Think- Be- Do.  Every Interruption reveals God’s disrupting:

  • Earth With Heaven
  • Strife With Peace
  • Sorrow With Joy
  • Hate With Love
  • Darkness With Light
  • Natural With Super-Natural
  • Chaos With Order

 “The less willing you are to be interrupted, the more destined you are to be the same.”

“Interruption is the name of the seed that is planted within every problem that, when nurtured, brings about solutions 100% of the time.”

Keith Craft –

Pastor Keith Craft, with the CCC players, invites you to experience life Inter- UP- Ted. 

Realize the Blessing of Interruption. 

When God breaks in, your story becomes His Story.

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