2012 Mens Conference - Discovering the Warrior within You CD Series

In this 5 CD set from the ELC 2012 Ultimate Warrior’s Conference, Pastor Keith Craft teaches you how to have “The Heart of a Mighty
Man and Warrior.” Discover what is a Mighty Man? How does a Warrior Think, Be and Do life?
With Special guest speakers Bill Scheer from GUTS Church, and Jeff Bramstedt from the United States Navy Seal Team, learn how
to truly Discover the Warrior that is inside every man!

“You are not defined by your past sins and failures, but you are
defined by what your future will be in God”! - Bill Scheer

Keith Craft has a heart for men, but more importantly a mandate from God, to awaken the Mighty Man spirit in every man. He is one of the world’s leading voices for men inspiring them by example to become everything that God has created them to be. He answers The Glorious Call of a Mighty Man! Keith is a loving leader, husband, father, coach and friend. He is the founder and lead pastor of Elevate Life Church in Frisco, Texas. He is a Leadership Transformationalist who speaks in the world’s largest business seminars on How to Increase Your Leadership Capacity through personal growth and development.

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