2010 Mens Conference - Ultimate Warrior CD Series

"There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the Spirit. The sword will always be conquered by the Spirit." -Napoleon Bonaparte

In this 3 part series from the 2010 Ultimate Warrior Conference, learn to develop the Spirit of a Warrior. Reach the potential that God has given you and choose to become a mighty Warrior for God.

The Spirit of a Warrior - See what David did that made him not only a good man after God's own heart, but a Mighty Warrior in His Kingdom.

The Caleb Generation (Guest Speaker - Steve Kelly) - Be an example of leaving God's legacy so that generations that follow can see what God has promised for them.

The Caleb Generation Part 2 (Guest Speaker - Steve Kelly) - Hear the story of how one man took down an entire army because he knew God was on his side.

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