03.27.11 Love Driven Life Part 5 - MP3 DOWNLOAD

1. Live according to God’s form of government: Loveocracy.

demos: people; Kratos: power: rule of the people

agape: God-love…unconditional, sacrificial (sacrifices for the good of others), never ending love; Kratos: power: rule of God

The Kingdom of God operates by a
1. Love God
2. Love yourself
3. Love others

Love is a feeling, in the beginning of life.
It is something we miss, when there is a lot of strife.
Love is something we long for, that we never outgrow.
It’s a lifelong search, everyone wants to know.

As you grow older, love can be harder to find.
Some say love, can even make you blind.
To be loved, is the quest of every man.
To find someone, somewhere that makes us feel like WE can.

Love is like the ocean, where some swim and some drown.
It can take you up, or take you down.
Love comes natural, yet it doesn’t automatically grow
It’s a paradox of yes, and many times no.

Love is a mystery, a story to unfold.
Everyone wants to discover it, before they get too old.
Love seems illusive, beyond ordinary grasp.
It does not work, if you’re content in wearing a mask.

While love begins as a feeling, it is so much more.
It is the sustenance of life, it is formed in the hearts deepest core.
It’s capacity knows no limits or bounds.
The ability to love and be loved for all, is our most sacred ground.

So what is, this thing called love.
More than a feeling, it is a privilege from Above.
An ability to see the best, when the worst has been displayed.
It’s a heart that believes, even when circumstances dissuade.

Love is hope, in a heart that has been hurt.
It is cleansing solution, to internal unseen dirt.
Love is an Action, directed by the human mind.
When we choose to love, we are Divine.

Loves search begins, on the day we are born.
It leads some to feel secure, while others feel battered and torn.
But for anyone who is willing, to make love THE choice.
They can rise above anything because Love gives God a voice.

For love is a language, that can be spoken by all,
It’s a choice to be God-like and to answer His call.
To love like He loved and live like He lived.
No greater love, can any man give.

Love is a feeling, in the beginning of life,
But as it grows deeper, it soars higher than hatred and strife.
Love conquers all and covers all sin.
Love in the end, is God’s invitation to Win.

How to Win with Loveocracy

• All you need is God.
1 John 4; Matt.7:7-11

• So love…So Give Worth-ship.
John 3:16; Luke 7:36-50

• For God…For-give…Worst-ship

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