03.13.11 Love Driven Life Part 3 - MP3 DOWNLOAD

1. Live according to God’s form of government: Loveocracy.
2. Know where the love is. Mark 12:18-27 Matthew 22:34-40
3. Love First Rev.2:1-5; Eph.1:15; 4:1-3

Focus…on the most important thing first. Luke 10:38-42

“The ability to focus on what is most important, is the competency that is required to identify and seize the best opportunities. If you can’t be focused on what is important now, you will never be able to identify the “next best thing” to be a part of. Focusing on what is best and giving your best in that quest will create opportunities that otherwise would have never happened.” Leadershipology.com

“The next best thing for you is only limited by what you are focusing on today. Your focus today determines the force of your future.” Leadershipology.com

“Why not make the next thing, the BEST thing.” Leadeshipology.com

Intentionally humble.


“Humility is not silence; it is not insecurity, not speaking up or out because you are concerned about how you might look or how people may feel about you. Humility is giving up your right to be right, for what is best overall.” Leadershipology.com

“Honor must be ascribed before humility can be prescribed.” Leadershipology.com

“Only the spiritually mature can humble their flesh. Humility is the hallmark of maturity.” Leadershipology.com

Resisting your righteous wrath…you stopped being persistent.

Strategically moving forward in love.

Taking care of unity.

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